By subscribing to the Tour Operators Program of Safety, the operator will realize the following benefits:

  • A safer operation
  • Insurance discounts
  • Preference in tour booking sectors
  • An outline that can be used as a guide for developing a training program
  • An outline that can be used as a guide for developing a safety program

Materials to assist in the development of a proper passenger briefing program including:

  • Sample script
  • Sample passenger briefing cards
  • Clipart for computer generation of briefing materials
  • Sample of video for developing a video briefing program

Endorsements from industry and governmental agencies in recognition of the operator’s commitment to safety, including:

  • Insurance industry
  • Travel industry (ASTA, NTA, World Tour Association and state travel and tourism)
  • FAA
  • HAI
  • NTSB
  • Cruise lines, media, environmental groups, incentive groups, travel desks, ticket sales outlets, etc.

The TOPS logo and a plaque to display your commitment to the safety program will be available to all subscribers.

A list and subscription forms for appropriate aviation periodicals.

Human Factors/Crew Management training materials geared to the single-pilot tour operator.