New Member Spotlight S.A.F.E. Structure Designs

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is the global leader in custom-built maintenance platforms that understands the unique challenges associated with accessing all areas of an aircraft.  The custom-built designs ensure functional work-flows, safe access and fall protection.  Exclusive features also address fatigue related issues with comfort padding, and ergonomic accessories to prevent FOD.

S.A.F.E. supports helicopter tour operations with maintenance stands that can provide safe access to all parts of the aircraft.  Understanding the unique nature of tour operations, S.A.F.E. also builds stands that provide shade for work on the ramp. 

The S.A.F.E. vision compliments that of TOPS.  The equipment provided by S.A.F.E. exceeds OHSA standards and provides protection for maintenance staff and the equipment they are maintaining.  This adds an extra layer of safety to all aircraft operations.