• Helicopter operators dedicated helicopter air tour operation(s) as an integral part of theirĀ business shall qualify as potential members.
  • Membership fee shall be $400 per year plus $200 per aircraft per year for full membership, payable 50% at the time of membership application (non-refundable after conditional acceptance) and 50% upon completion of an acceptable audit report and final acceptance into the program by the review committee. Acceptance will establish each new member as a regular member of the organization. Membership fee shall be $2,000 per year for manufacturers and insurers; and $500 per year for other associates.
  • Each regular member must pass an initial safety audit, and then pass an annualĀ safety audit.
  • Acceptance as a regular member will entitle member to all privileges of membership; i.e. certificates, endorsements, plaques and the right to use the TOPS logo.
  • Nothing contained in this membership will create a contractual condition that may cause the association to be at risk for any liability and the regular member will agree to indemnify defend and hold harmless the association for any claim that may arise as the result of an accident, a breach of any sort, or any other claim that may arise as a result of membership.
  • Each member recognizes that the sole purpose of this organization is to promote safety through additional disciplines and that final safety of operations remains solely the responsibility of each individual operator.
  • After an unsatisfactory Safety Audit has been reported to TOPS, the operator has thirty days to submit a plan of correction for the deficiencies. The plan must include a schedule for the corrections which may not exceed ninety days. If the corrections are not completed in the allotted time, the member will be terminated from the program. The member may appeal a termination decision to the Board of Directors whose determination will be final and without recourse.
  • The company may reapply for membership upon completion of an acceptable audit report.
  • TOPS is dynamic. It can be changed by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors. Any change to the program will be published and distributed to the regular members. After a Change, members will have 30 days to re-evaluate the program and may resign. If a member resigns subsequent to a change to TOPS, any unused portions of membership dues and fees will be returned. Promotional materials must be returned to TOPS as outlined above. Any member who resigns in this manner will remain in good standing.