FAA AVCAMSPlus Web Site Available Now.

“The Aviation Weather Camera Program Office is pleased to announce the availability of the AVCAMSPlus web site for public testing and feedback. AVCAMSPlus represents the next generation of our legacy web site which incorporates camera images and weather information, along with additional data sets (where available) such as airport diagrams, chart supplements, and approach and departure procedures. The Aviation Weather Camera Program Office is happy to receive positive feedback and constructive comments about the new web site from our users. Please take the time to explore the new web site and send us your comments through the feedback link available at the top of the AVCAMSPlus web site. Your input is important to improve the service and make sure that the Aviation Weather Camera Program is meeting the expectations of our users.”

New Features Include:
– Mobile Device Support
– Mobile Device Installation
– More Map Layers
– Satellite and Radar Layers
– Graphical Icons for METARs, TAFs and PIREPs
– Airport Information Documents
– Search for Camera Sites, Airports, and More