TOPS Shares Safety Program on Hawaii News

hdr_brandingOn Feb. 19, 2016, TOPS Executive Director Jen Boyer gave an interview to Hawaii News Now in Honolulu regarding the work TOPS does to go above and beyond current FAA Part 135 regulations (certificated helicopter operators). Among TOPS requirements, operators in our program must have floats on the skids of the aircraft for any flights operated beyond glide distance to the shore, and operators are discouraged from flying with the doors off the aircraft. To see a full list of all the requirements we have for our operators above and beyond those set by the FAA, check out our TOPS vs. Non-TOPS Operators page.

Additionally, TOPS members have been actively supportive of FAA-installed weather cameras in Hawaii, which will give real-time weather information to aviators across Hawaii that can be used to make safety decisions regarding flights. We had the opportunity to share that with Hawaii News Now.

To see the interview and read the online story, click here: